Corporate / Group Experiences

At Third Culture, we are excited to bring our award winning coffee to your team or group. We have begun offering virtual coffee classes, where we take your group on a cultural journey through the lens of coffee. 

Cultural Kit Options:
  • Japanese Iced Pourover: Enjoy the singularity of flavors that shines through expertly curated single origin beans to make Aisu Kohi (as it's called in Japan). 
  • Vietnamese Coffee: Try this for a robust full bodied cup with notes of cocoa & brown sugar. Pairs beautifully with condensed milk (included in package). 
  • Indian Filter Coffee: Try this blend to go down a cultural trip of coffee in India and to taste a cup rich with notes of dark chocolate and caramel.
  • Nordic Coffee: Premium Single Origin coffee beans, lightly roasted to highlight the delicate flavor notes, best enjoyed black, paying homage to how the Nordics love their coffee. 
  • (non coffee) Pure Japanese Matcha Green Tea: Ceremonial Grade Matcha will be taught to be made the traditional way with the youngest Tencha leaves grown in shade.
Cultural Kits Details: 
  1. We'll send your team a kit to make Indian Filter Kaapi, Vietnamese Coffee, Japanese Iced Pourover or others at home (I can give you the full list and you can choose) - with all of the coffee, tools, and ingredients.
  2. We'll schedule a zoom call with your team to walk you through the history of the drink and prepare the drink together
  3. Option for team members to stay on for an icebreaker that we can plan. 


In addition, we have: 

  • Coffee for your Workplace: Our award-winning coffee shop can offer you our coffee beans or even our cold beverages for your workplace. 
  • Virtual Breakfasts (greater Seattle area): Let us deliver breakfast to everyone on your team or in your group. In addition to growlers of our coffee, we have pastries and bagels to start your day off right! 

Have any questions or want to learn more? E-mail